30 Dec 2011

Spring 2012 Haute Couture Collection

It is end of year 2011 and here come the New Year of 2012. In accordance to the Christmas and new year holiday, I have come out with my new Spring 2012 Haute Couture Collection specially design for 16' Avant Guard Dolls. I have bought a new Spring Kissed AG doll recently and with my 2 AG dolls, it makes up 3 now which are perfect to be my new collection models. I have repainted my Frame Freeze and Spring Kissed AG dolls so that they looked more like a high fashion models. This collection is all about pastel colour, which I seldom done, big volume, textures, layers and dramatic touch. The designs symbolize flowers, and blossom in the woods which bring up the mood of spring. As usual, crystals and beads won't be absent in any of Nigel Chia design, it brings up the shine to the gowns and create the glam. 2011 had been a very good year for me, I will like to send million of thanks for all the supports and without you all, I couldn't have gone so far. Last but not least, I am satisfied to end my 2011 year with this collection and wishing for all the best in coming year. Happy New Year for all of you!  

My New 16' Avant Guard Dolls
Introducing 2 recent new dolls that join my doll family. The 1st one is AG recent released Spring Kissed doll which have her body modified and it looked very amazing with more realism touch. I named her Nouvelle Annee which meant New Year in French. Another sweet heart is a Frame Freeze doll, which I bought it quite a while ago but recently get it repainted and wig. She is named Natale, which meant Christmas in Italian. I have also done a tattoo on Natale's chest with my logo motive. It looked very artistic indeed. Both of them looked amazing after the repaint and full body blushing and now they are ready to join Valentine for high fashion photo shoot.

Photos, dress, face up by NiGel.ChiA
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7 Nov 2011

The Nude Couture

It's been quite a long while after my 2011 fall winter collection, I think it's been about 2 months without touching my fabric and sewing machine. Finally after all the assignment, test and academical stuff, I have some free time to sit down and indulge in my fashion design world again, it feel really great indeed! The concept of this couture is all about nude, mysterious and sexy. It covered up the whole body, but yet it revealed almost the entire body with semi transparent chiffon as well as laces. The feathers design is my favourite, it added a more dramatic touch to the gown. The halter mermaid dress craved the curve of female body perfectly and it seemed to have some degree of connection to my previous collection.Yesterday, I bought a new lens for this shoot, an EF 55mm f/1.8 II canon lens, and I am overwhelmed by the effect of f/1.8, it makes my model pops out! I hope you all enjoy my lastest design, till then XO XO......

Photos, dress, face up by NiGel.ChiA
All rights reserved. Please do NOT Copy any pictures and write up without prior writing for permission!

10 Sep 2011

NiGel.ChiA Fall Winter 2011 Collection- Je t’aime

Along with the 4 months summer break, Nigel Chia have taken this chance to create the largest and the most expensive fall winter 2011 collection. Je t’aime, as the name of the collection, is a French word carrying the meaning of “I Love You” has become the main inspiration of this collection. Black and white are the main colour in this collection, reflecting that love can be as innocent and pure as white, while it also can be as dark and evil as black. The Je t’aime collection featuring 6 cocktail dresses, with 3 black and 3 white series, 4 haute couture, 4 pieces of homme series and not forgetting what Nigel Chia most expert with, the bridal couture.

The Je t’aime white series featuring 3 white colour cocktail dress, from classic tube dress to short ball cut dress, utilizing synthetic fur, satin, chiffon, silver metallic lace as well as organza to create a romance, sophisticated look. However, the Je t’aime black series reflecting a sexier and sensual look, from high waist pants to tight fitting corset, creating look that ready to go down for a lady’s night. Beside the dress, Nigel Chia also brought a surprise on releasing the high heels and hand bags series to complete the whole look. It is a 6.5cm high heel, equivalent to 6.8 inches heels in human scale, defining the body proportion to maximum. Beside heels, the handbags also rock the collection, from huge furry double handle bag to long rectangular clutch, every single bag carries different mood, but yet they come together as a collection.

Famous with his delicate couture, Nigel Chia has included 4 pieces couture in his collection, taking a more dramatic and extravaganza touch. Roses and beading are the main attraction, but not to forget the volume of the design which created by numerous pieces of round cut fabric as well as netting.

Not disappointing us with his 1st ever homme series, Nigel Chia created 4 pieces men wear form formal blazer to a long coat. What different from others are the laces and beading design in the homme series, proven that they are not a privilege of women wear, but men can be stylish in laces and beading too. Such details definitely not giving a feminine touch, but it make the collection classy indeed.

Bridal wear are always the expertise of Nigel Chia, surely he would never forget to include bridal coutures in the collection, form a classic mermaid cut dress to trendy short front cut dress corset, bringing us to go through a journey of Love. More beading work and dramatic detail design, but yet maintaining the trade mark of Nigel Chia, glamorous and chic always.

Below is a quick interview with Nigel Chia, the man behind this collection

What is the inspiration for this collection?
As the name of the collection, Je t’aime (Love) is the major inspiration. When we talk about love, it is closely related with flower, particular with roses. That’s the reason I have in cooperated a lot of roses into my design either in realistic and also in abstract form. All the roses are handmade from ribbons and being stitch one by one to the garments. The abstract form of roses comes from the volume design of the skirt particularly with lots of flare which create a volume yet flowy looked. A part of the roses, crystal and diamond are also a signature of love, which you can see a lot of heavy beading and swarovski among the designs. Black and white is the major colour I utilized for this collection. White symbolize the pureness of Love, reflecting selfless, toleration and loyalty; however black symbolize the evilness of Love, reflecting selfishness, jealousy as well as possessive.

What is the toughest while creating this collection?
The toughest part is non-other than the couture series. It took me hours and hours of beading, the detail work. Every single bead, sequins as well as the Swarovski is stitched on by hands. There are over hundreds of glass diamonds, Swarovski and roses, thousands of beads and sequins in this collection. A part of that, the process of developing my 1st series of high heels spent me a long period of time and hard work. The mold creation and trying out different materials almost make me crazy. But I am very satisfying with the result; they looked very good on Iple EID foot.

What is so special about this collection compare to your previous collection?
It is the largest and most expensive collection I ever had, featuring 18 pieces of garments. Besides, It is also my 1st and ever homme series. In the couture series, you can noticed that my design tend to be more dramatic and extravagant. I pay a lot of attention on the details too, such as jewellery, heels and bags. One of the most exciting moment is non-other than having 8 wonderful EID models to pose for my collection at the same time. I am speechless too when seeing all comes together. It is indeed very satisfying!

How long have you been preparing for this collection?
I start to do the design sketching since March, searching for the right fabrics and materials and start the sewing on June. There is a lot of works since I have to do all the stuff, from design, sewing, high heels, jewellery, bags to face up, hair styling and photography by my own. It spent me around 5 months to totally done it.

What make you decided to design shoes and handbags this time?
Shoes and handbags complete the look of any collection, they are as important as the dresses itself. I always looking forward to design shoes and bags previously, this collection allow me to make it a dream come true, since I have more time to work on them with my 4 months summer holiday.

Tell us more about your 1st HOMME collection.
I barely design for men previously because I always thought that there are limited variation designs upon male wear, but I have decided to try on men wear this time. Featuring 4 pieces in my fall winter 2011 collection, where I pay more attention on the details and cutting. It is all about lace, beads, sequin as well as chain which we seldom see them in men wears. The challenge of creating a homme collection is none other than the cutting; I have to modify my cut again and again to come out with the satisfying result.

Any last words for your collection?
Months of hard work with this collection and it comes to an end right now, I am very pleased with the result I created. So, I shall see you all in next Spring Summer 2012 Collection! Stay tune with NiGel.ChiA......

Photos, dress, shoes, bags, face up all by NiGel.ChiA
All rights reserved. Please do NOT Copy any pictures and write up without prior writing for permission!