30 Dec 2011

Spring 2012 Haute Couture Collection

It is end of year 2011 and here come the New Year of 2012. In accordance to the Christmas and new year holiday, I have come out with my new Spring 2012 Haute Couture Collection specially design for 16' Avant Guard Dolls. I have bought a new Spring Kissed AG doll recently and with my 2 AG dolls, it makes up 3 now which are perfect to be my new collection models. I have repainted my Frame Freeze and Spring Kissed AG dolls so that they looked more like a high fashion models. This collection is all about pastel colour, which I seldom done, big volume, textures, layers and dramatic touch. The designs symbolize flowers, and blossom in the woods which bring up the mood of spring. As usual, crystals and beads won't be absent in any of Nigel Chia design, it brings up the shine to the gowns and create the glam. 2011 had been a very good year for me, I will like to send million of thanks for all the supports and without you all, I couldn't have gone so far. Last but not least, I am satisfied to end my 2011 year with this collection and wishing for all the best in coming year. Happy New Year for all of you!  

My New 16' Avant Guard Dolls
Introducing 2 recent new dolls that join my doll family. The 1st one is AG recent released Spring Kissed doll which have her body modified and it looked very amazing with more realism touch. I named her Nouvelle Annee which meant New Year in French. Another sweet heart is a Frame Freeze doll, which I bought it quite a while ago but recently get it repainted and wig. She is named Natale, which meant Christmas in Italian. I have also done a tattoo on Natale's chest with my logo motive. It looked very artistic indeed. Both of them looked amazing after the repaint and full body blushing and now they are ready to join Valentine for high fashion photo shoot.

Photos, dress, face up by NiGel.ChiA
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