7 Nov 2011

The Nude Couture

It's been quite a long while after my 2011 fall winter collection, I think it's been about 2 months without touching my fabric and sewing machine. Finally after all the assignment, test and academical stuff, I have some free time to sit down and indulge in my fashion design world again, it feel really great indeed! The concept of this couture is all about nude, mysterious and sexy. It covered up the whole body, but yet it revealed almost the entire body with semi transparent chiffon as well as laces. The feathers design is my favourite, it added a more dramatic touch to the gown. The halter mermaid dress craved the curve of female body perfectly and it seemed to have some degree of connection to my previous collection.Yesterday, I bought a new lens for this shoot, an EF 55mm f/1.8 II canon lens, and I am overwhelmed by the effect of f/1.8, it makes my model pops out! I hope you all enjoy my lastest design, till then XO XO......

Photos, dress, face up by NiGel.ChiA
All rights reserved. Please do NOT Copy any pictures and write up without prior writing for permission!