28 Aug 2012

Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Good news for all the Iplehouse EID women collectors. NiGel.ChiA is coming out with Fall Winter 2012 collection in affordable prices! So there is no reason not to own a high fashion outfit for your EID. The prices range from just USD70 to USD150! You don’t want to miss this golden chance to order a lovely ready to wear outfit or even a glamourous evening gown from NiGel.ChiA.
Please visit NiGel.ChiA EID Boutique for more details and informations on how to place an order.

18 Aug 2012

Tribute to Anna Piaggi - The Circus Twins

Anna Piaggi, who has pass away in age 81, was a grande dame of the fashion world; noted for her electric-blue hair and scene-stealing outfits, she was sometimes described as the most eccentric dresser in Italy. Her professional life was as a journalist and stylist, principally for Vogue Italia; but Anna Piaggi’s fame also rested on her status as muse to designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and the British milliner Stephen Jones, and on her ability to upstage even the most daring of fashionistas. We can often seen her in the front row of fashion showcase, dressed in an exuberant, unique and eclectic way, and she never appearing in the same outfit more than once in public. Such was her influence and knowledge in the fashion world, Manolo Blahnik dubbed her "The world's last great authority on frocks". R.I.P Anna Piaggi, we will miss you!

Anna Maria Piaggi
(22 March 1931 – 7 August 2012)

Here is my tribute to Anna Piaggi - The Circus Twins, OOAK Deva Dolls inspired by Anna Piaggi. This tribute will also mark my last OOAK Deva Dolls, which I will be no longer creating OOAK Deva Dolls. It will be a new chapter of my dolly journey where I will be releasing my own line of 16 inches haute couture doll very soon.I am overly excited about it! So back to The Circus Twins, they are creations out of my comfort zone where vibrant colour and print to mix and match. Bubble skirts, laces blouse and of course not forgetting Anna Piaggi must wear list- the extravaganza headpieces! The make ups are also inspired by Anna Piaggi signature makeup, blue eyeshadow, red lips and cherry red cheeks.

The Circus Twins are one of a kind Deva Dolls specially designed by NiGel.ChiA which is limited to only ONE for each doll in worldwide. Both of them, Anna and Peggy have a reshaped face with higher cheek bone, more refined nose and jaw line. They come with removable head pieces and mohair, golden laces blouse, bubble skirt, golden laces tights, high heels, 2 pairs of hands (one pair with painted gloves, another pair of nude hands). I will consider them as artistic haute couture dolls, either you may like it or hate it!