13 Jan 2013

Collage Term Projects

Time flies and 3 months past just as a wink. 1st term of fashion design school was fabulous, I truely enjoy every single minute of it. Met with fabulous coursemates which sharing the same passion, learning from amazing lecturer and of course dress up nicely every single day for class. That is a fashion student life. Well, not all about glamorous, we have endless assignments and projects, chasing deadline, sewing until 10 p.m. at school, everybody end up like a panda on project submission day and etc. But we have FUN working with fabric, needle, manniquine and sewing machine. So, these are my final term projects for 1st term in fashion school.

Drafting final term project. Champain colour blouse with red laces appliques and beading details, 25 meters chiffon dress with long train and huge flare. I spent like 2 days for almost 20 meter of  baby roll hem for the chiffon dress which almost killed me with boredom.

Draping final project. Simple nude colour blouse with black laces and volume front drapped skirt with black lace appliques details.