29 Mar 2010

Box opening of my 1st Ball Jointed Doll (BJD), Nigela

Is been really long time i didn't up date my blog, course i was totally busy with exams and dolls all these time.

After a week of purchasing BJD doll form Angle of Dream, my Qian finally reached my home at 10th of February, before Chinese New Year (they are so efficient!). Is been an unforgettable experience when trying to bank in to China with the complicated form which causing me to back n forth bank for several times. Still, I am totally excited about her arriving and straightly rushed back to my hometown after the meaningless radiology test on the next day!

Anyway, the moment of opening the box was full with excitement, joy and satisfaction cause finally, i own my 1st BJD. I name her Nigela!

This is the box far away form China that contains Nigela inside......

Official blue colour box of Angle of dream......

Pink colour blanket, I love it!

Finally, i saw my Nigela for the 1st time. She is in hot red undergarment accompany with her extremely long wig, 2 pairs of 16mm eyes (blue and brown) and extra high heels feet. Off course, with her birth certificate as well.

Close up view of Nigela's nude face. Aren't she gorgeous with blue eyes?

Trying his new wig, it is damn long just like Repunzel......

Let's pose, Nigela! I will make you become a super model, haha......

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