31 Jan 2012

The Pink Couture

It is pastel colour again! This is one of the couture commission of my client with the inspiration of his wife wedding gown. A similar pink colour ball gown, but I have taken a more dramatic and couture touch to the design. Corset top with laces and crystal beading, follow by a big bow as the belt to define the waist line and the very dramatic, volumise ball dress with roses. What can i say about this dress? A combination of the romance by Vera Wang and the dramatic couture touch by John Galliano. There is no doubt that both of them are my favourite designers, thus it is not a surprise to see some of their inspirations in my work, but yet I believe I still able to remain my identity as NiGel.ChiA. Sweetness, romance, fairy tale are the feelings I wish to bring out in this dress. Not much jewellery I put on this look as i want to remain it light and dreamy. Like it or Love it?

1 comment:

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