20 Mar 2012

The Galliano inspiration couture

John Galliano has been always one of my top favorite fashion designers. I adore his creative sensibilities, his dramatic touch to the couture, his extravaganza style and craziness. He had gone through a hard time back in teenage years, frequently being bullied at the London boy's grammar school due to his difference. Recalling his early days, he once admitted: "I don’t think people here understood where I was coming from." I believe his courage to be different, to be truly living as who he is; have leaded him to be a super star in fashion design world. That is what I love about him. I took the inspiration from his Spring 2011 couture collection when he was still with Christine Dior. He called it his most technically challenging collection, but the effort was rarely obvious.

The inspiration comes from this dress, which I am fascinated with the use of light and shade colour that is done by Galliano in this collection. But I have taken a chance to try out black and turquoise toning. It is a semi transparent black lace top with beading details, with turquoise above the knee length pencil skirt embellished with black flower motive laces and beading. Of course, the dress won't be complete without a tulle floor length skirt with black and turquoise shade. I have also added a laces eye mask and head dress for a more dramatic touch. Photo shoot was done in the woods, to bring out the sense of mysterious of the look. So, without further ado, let's enjoy some of my favourite shoot for this Galliano inspired couture.


  1. Fantastic creation and beautiful photos.

  2. Love your photos and your design!

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