13 May 2012

The La Perla Twins

The La Perla Twins are one of a kind Deva Dolls specially designed by NiGel.ChiA which is limited to only ONE for each doll in worldwide. Both of them, Lynda and Lyvia have a reshaped face with higher cheek bone, more refined nose and jaw line; with different makeup by NiGel.ChiA, they transformed into twins that have totally different personality. Lyvia is the younger sister with adorable face giving her a more innocent personality, however the older sister Lynda are sensual and sexy lady. They come with private part detail drawing,  full body blushing and French nails which giving them a more realistic look than normal fashion dolls! They are even muses with the black and white lingerie. Rooted with Tibiet mohair, and a special hairdo, they are non-other than sexy bombshell! The La Perla Twins come with nude doll with rooted hair, lingeries, jewelleries, high heels and extra pairs of hands. They can be sold in saperate or together. Both of them are definitely a doll that you want to add on to your doll collection!


  1. トリー バーチは女向けのブランド品です。モダンでファッション性も高いです。全体的にニューユークのファッション性を併せてできあがたモノです。女のブランド品ですから、もちろんトリーバーチ ハイヒールもあります!それに、ウェッジのデザインで角度がちょうどいいですので、穿き心地が何よりも良いです。さらに甲の部分にロゴが付いてブランド品の感覚を引き立てる!今世紀、絶対見逃さいブランド品はここで健在!

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