18 Mar 2013

NiGel.ChiA men's wear collection

Another 3 months past and it is soon coming to an end of my 2nd term of fashion school. Since we are assigned to do measure to fit project this term, so I will have to do something that can fit myself well, which meant it is going to be men's wear! Knowing that I usually only design for ladies, so it is quite a big challnge for me to design even for myself, but I do clearly know what is my style and what kind of design I will put on my body. I am rather more toward formal wear style with some interesting design which make it not so boring, indeed you can noticed that I am playing with a lot of texture, prints and structural design in my1st ever men's wear collection.
Structural collar textured white shirt with flora print pants and metal belt.

Floral print tailored jacket and pants


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  2. Seriously nice and truthful guidance! I adore it, Totally Excellent!

    Vincent Midnight, Vincent Midnight

  3. Your blogs are delightful to read. You're funny, honest and straight to the point. Anyone who calls you "friend" is certainly blessed. I particularly liked this piece, it spoke to my heart. Thank you, take care and keep on writing.

    Fireman Sam Pyjamas